The Order of the Cross and the Grail

To the knights in the days of old,
Keeping vigil on mountain height
Shone the light of the Holy Grail
With a voice through the waiting night

"Follow, follow the Gleam
Banners unfurled, o'er all the world . . ."
Calling, "Follow, follow the Gleam
Of the Chalice of boundless Light."

And we who would bear the Cross
And bravely defend the right,
Let us take the adventure new
Riding forth in the Spirit's might.
Let us

Follow, follow the Gleam
Loving our foes, healing their woes;
Let us follow, follow the Gleam
Till we come to the Halls of Light.

—Helen Hill Miller (and Faith L. Bowman),
Music by Sallie Hume Douglas